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Closing the plastic loop, as a community

The Plastic Project is a small initiative that started out in January 2021.

Located in Yishun at the old Bottletree park, TPP was incubated within the compound of Ground Up Initiative, starting off its first volunteer session in a small corner of an event hall. 

The Plastic Project aims to educate the local community on being mindful as consumers and how to identify the plastics that they consume, engage with our participants, spreading awareness about plastics how we can reduce plastic waste, and lastly, innovate new ideas and methods on recycling plastic waste into new, valuable plastic goods.

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Founder's Story


Amber Soong

Co-founder, Project Director

Having lived abroad as a scuba diving instructor for 4 years and seeing first-hand the widespread negative impacts of pollution in the sea, Amber has a deep-seated motivation to make a difference

She oversees The Plastic Project as a whole, and is responsible for coordinating crew teams, workshops, and programs.


On a personal level, Amber aims to start a movement that involves habitual change where everyone is more aware of the severity of plastic pollution. Her goal is to eventually introduce TPP across Asia to offer developing countries a more viable solution to deal with plastics. 


Lee Yew Jin

Co-founder, Technical Director

As a multi-disciplinary artist and technician, most of Yew Jin's career is centered around the arts industry of live performance and various aspects of sound engineering.

His tinkering and upcycling journey started in woodworking but slowly ventured into other materials. His first recycled project was repurposing HDPE plastic into guitar picks for local musicians.

Yew Jin heads the prototyping and production team in the application of methods and technique.

Yew Jin aims to connect artists and makers to adopt recycled plastics as a viable alternative material to fabricate new products.


Paul Lee

Paul spent 2.5 years managing solar panel projects, and is now a fulltime actor and model under Fly Entertainment. His artistic statement is to act/host for environmental causes.

When he is not flaunting his long hair on a TV set, he manages social media platforms, sets marketing strategy, corporate outreach, and facilitates and coordinates volunteer sessions. 

Marketing Director

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